San Pietro in Mavino Church

A small Early Medieval church

>>Lake Garda Golf District

This small church, located on a hill north of the village of Sirmione, has a thousand-year history. It was probably founded in the late VII or early VIII century d.C., during the period of Lombard domination, since it is mentioned in a testamentary bequest dated to 765.
Recent archaeological excavations and stratigraphic studies applied to the masonry have identified various phases of interventions. The original building, still identifiable in the parts where the masonry is rough, was certainly shorter and had a single apse. It was demolished in the X or XI century, to lengthen the nave and create the three apses structure that is still visible today. Shortly afterwards the Romanesque bell tower was built. A more important intervention was made in the years around 1320 when the facade was redone, the roof raised and the interior decorated with frescoes. This dating was determined by an inscription on a brick near the entrance and by the date painted in a scroll in the frescoes. The rose window might have been opened in the XV century.