Italy has numerous excellent quality golf courses, immersed in a unique setting, in one of the countries in the world richest in history, art and culture; where geographic conformation and history have created an enviable wealth of food and wine traditions.
Our site is meant to be a small guide, an extract of what our country can offer to those who want to try our golf courses but who don’t just want to stop at that.
We have divided Italy (not all, since in many regions there is not a large presence of golf courses) in golf districts, that is, in areas where we have several golf courses that can be reached in just over an hour drive from the centre of the district.
In each district, we are also identifying places of interest that, in our opinion, are worth visiting. In this list, which is drawn up according to our evaluations, there are places and monuments of significant historical, artistic and cultural interest, areas of production of famous food and wine products, but also small places, little-known outside their area.

We have therefore created a simple list of categories to which each place of interest can be assigned (in some cases the same place can belong to two or more categories):
• Golf Course
• Wine Region
• Trip – Hiking
• Urban Landscape
• Palace – Castle – Villa
• Church – Religious Building
• Art Museum
• Park – Garden – Natural Environment
• Archaeological Site
• Public Building
• Just Relax
• Engines and Mechanics
• Amusement Park

This is the initial list of categories and moving forward with our listing work, it may be enriched with further items.
We have also grouped the places of interest according to experience themes, to give an additional classification and another research tool for users.
Finally, we have given each place the time of the visit. An experience of a few hours means that it can be combined with a round of golf on a course not too far away. A half-day experience must be scheduled on a day when it was decided to rest from the worries of golf, but it is still a visit that can be handled with no hurry. The experience of a day means a total commitment of one day, preferably with an early morning departure and a probable return in the evening. As for the places of interest that are located in cities of art, we have however assigned the experience of a day’s duration because it is advisable to dedicate at least one full day to visit the places that interest you most in the city.