The Casa Museo of Zani Foundation

A Private collection of paintings and antique furniture

>>Bergamo Golf District
>>Lake Garda Golf District

The Casa Museo showcases the aesthetic choices and preferences of Paolo Zani, the entrepreneur, and collector. The museum preserves the aura of a private residence, reflecting Zani’s taste in collecting and decorating.

The villa was built in Cellatica, inspired by the Roman domus model and has eleven rooms arranged around a quadrangular pool. The exterior portico connects the service areas, now museum services, with a nymphaeum.
Zani designed the Italian-style garden measuring over three thousand square meters to extend the collection’s arrangement.

The visit includes eleven rooms, museum services, the garden’s open spaces, and arcades that lead to the garden, featuring sculptures, fountains, and architectural elements in harmony with nature.
The goal is to preserve and safeguard Zani’s vision in organizing the transition to a museum, maintaining its essence as a private residence.