The Bellini Riva motorboats collection

A private collection of the Italian iconic motorboats

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The Riva motorboats have become world famous for their elegant and luxurious design, which has made them a popular choice for many celebrities and industry magnates. But the history of Riva dates back to long before the era of jet sets.

Since the early 1900s, founder Carlo Riva began building rowing boats for fishing and cargo transport on Lake Como in Italy. In 1950, Carlo’s son Serafino took control of the company and began focusing on the production of luxury motorboats.

Serafino and his team of designers and craftsmen created true masterpieces, such as the famous Aquarama, introduced in 1962. The design of the Aquarama soon became an icon of the jet set in the 1960s and 1970s.

In the following years, Riva continued to innovate and produce new successful boats, such as the Olympia, the Super Florida, and the Rudy. In 1980, Riva was acquired by the Ferretti Group, which continued to develop Riva’s designs and technology.

Today, Riva motorboats are still produced with the same artisanal craftsmanship and luxury that made them famous. Riva continues to be a popular choice for those who desire a prestigious and luxurious boating experience.