Bardolino DOC Wine Region

Main Wines: Bardolino and Chiaretto

>>Lake Garda Golf District

The Bardolino DOC area covers the municipalities of the southeastern Veronese coast of Lake Garda, northwards reaches the slopes of Monte Baldo, to the east the Adige separates it from Valpolicella area, while to the south it partially overlaps with the eastern areas of the DOC Lugana and with that of the Bianco di Custoza, without creating conflicts, since the disciplinary of the Bardolino DOC includes only red wines and rosé. Within the Bardolino DOC area, the wines produced in the central region refer to Bardolino Classico DOC.
Historically, the wines of this area follow the evolution of those of the west side of the lake, born mainly as table wines for the local market, to be consumed young, towards the end of the nineteenth century they began to have a market also in the major cities of Northern Italy, to then consolidating their reputation with the introduction of the Denominations of Controlled Origin (DOC) in the 60s of the 20th century.
These are wines obtained from the use of different traditional vines of the Veneto region and above all from nearby Valpolicella: Corvina 35-80%, Corvinone 10-40%, Rondinella 10-40%, Molinara 15% maximum and any other grapes not aromatics authorized for a maximum of 25%.
These vines are vinified in red (Bardolino DOC and Bardolino Novello DOC) or with short maceration in rosèas for the Chiaretto di Bardolino DOC which, if produced in the central area, add the term Classico to the name. Traditionally the best grapes underwent a greater maceration and ageing of at least a year to produce a red wine with more body and suitable for slight ageing (often intended for sale in the autumn and early winter of the year following the harvest, when the prices increased) and it was called Superior. This variant obtained the DOCG as Bardolino Rosso Superiore.
In closing, we remind you that the Chiaretto di Bardolino is also produced in the sparkling version.